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Using absolute filtration will make REDOX the lowest cost pipe for your system. Unlike pickled pipe with its rust, REDOX pipe will not be generating costly debris for your filters to have to remove for the entire life of your system. While it may be technically possible to use filters to remove rust from your system there is an even greater problem than the rust…that is, galvanic cells that attach the rust to the base metal will acidify the oil and destroy lubricating qualities of the oil, leading to metal to metal contact and degradation failure of your components downstream from your filters.

The contamination level of the oil must not exceed the limits of the most demanding component in the system. The correct filter will complement the other engineered aspects of contamination control; i.e. correct pipe, and miscellaneous sources of particles. It is not possible for a filter to protect the system when there are uncontrolled sources of contamination entering it. The reasons for taking a system approach to controlling contamination is two-fold. The first is that all filters allow a percentage of particles greater than their rated size to escape. The second is that no matter how good the filter is, it can be overwhelmed if the quantity of particles entering the filter exceeds its ability to maintain the correct downstream cleanliness level.

The particle count that escapes a filter is expressed as a Beta Ratio. This Beta Ratio equals the particles challenging the filter divided by the number that escape that are larger than the filter’s rated size. If sufficient particles challenge the filter, it will be impossible for the oil downstream to meet the needs of the most demanding component in the system. The components that are subjected to levels of contamination exceeding their rating will start a cascade of additional debris being generated. As the particles enter the system, the rate of particle generation will accelerate until the system fails.


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