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All hydraulic systems need to be flushed prior to operation to remove incidental fabrication debris. It is important to recognize the limitations that exist when using a lubricant to attempt to remove debris. Incidental debris will be quickly swept away while attempting to remove rust that is found in pickled pipe will be more time consuming and problematic in its removal.
In Article #3 you can see the particle count tapes and the time savings that are available to you by using REDOX pipe versus your own experiences with pickled and oiled pipe.
The cleanliness level that systems need to be flushed to are determined by the cleanliness of the most demanding component in the system (SAE J 1227 Section 5.1). With REDOX pipe you can quickly and efficiently reach that I.S.O. number and have a system that will be less expensive to maintain and operate in the years to come.


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