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Machining vs. Pickling

REDOX pipes are machined and contain none of the chemical residues found in pickled pipe that cause rust. Below is a side by side comparison. Click to enlarge.

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Hydraulic systems play an increasingly critical role in manufacturing. Systems that are plumbed with properly cleaned pipe will dramatically reduce installation costs and provide lowered operating costs for your company. Today’s valves and pumps are manufactured to close tolerances, which makes the components susceptible to damage from unclean pickled pipe. This has caused standard writing bodies such as A.S.T.M., S.A.E., I.S.O. and others to specifically address the issue of component and system cleanliness to stem the otherwise inevitable rise in catastrophic component failures.
The standards they have developed , when followed, produce a system that truly utilizes the full potential of today’s components. REDOX pipes are machine cleaned with strict adherence to these standards. Our quality assures that you get the most from your hydraulic system without problems such as hydrogen embitterment, intergranular corrosion, and gross contamination associated with the pickling process.
Many of the topics discussed here are supplemented by REDOX Articles and Tech Sheets which provide additional engineering and technical information you can use to specify your hydraulic system requirements on prints and purchase orders.

Advantages of using REDOX Series 81 pipe in your system:
  • Cleaner pipe for your system components
  • Scale resistant welding
  • Faster flushing
  • Reduced operational filtration cost
  • Smoother surface reduces component killing heat
  • Easier to paint
  • Reduce inventory spares
  • Lower installed cost
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • More up-time / More profit
  • Thousands of feet in stock
    Over 90% of the wetted surface of your system is composed of pipe. The decisions that are made today on the selection of the piping will have an impact on the profitability of your company for years to come. Make the right choice for your pipe and fittings - always use REDOX.



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