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System Cleanliness Part 1

The concept of pickling pipe conjures up images of boiling vats of acid devouring scale and rust. Unfortunately, pickling does more harm than good. The scale and rust are being dissolved into solution by the acid breaking the electron bonds between the base metal and oxidation layer. With the oxide removed, the electrons that were bonding the scale now are highly activated and will be seeking air or water which are in the hydraulic oil to form new oxidation. During this seeking process they will be stripping electrons (oxidation) from the oil which will degrade it lubricating qualities. The way to avoid these kinds of problems from being installed into your system is to use performance standards instead of process standards when making callouts for the piping.

Performance standards like their name implies are based on delivering reproducible results that are consistent with the system’s needs. At every step in the manufacturing process the use of published standards written by recognized standard bodies are used to deliver the results you specify.

Process standards are generic terms such as pickle and oil which have no specific correlation to a documented standard written by any hydraulic standard writing body. The danger in using process standards for your piping is you are only specifying the pipe to be dipped in acid and then oil. Any cleanliness or performance expectations not specified are legally unenforceable and thus null and void.

Below are electron microscope photos of a REDOX pipe and a piece of pickled and oiled pipe. You will notice the smooth metal grain structure of the REDOX pipe and the corrosion damage that was caused by the acid on the pickled and oiled pipe.

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Pickled Pipe 35X Microscope

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REDOX Pipe 35X Microscope

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Pickled Pipe Electron Microscope 35X

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REDOX Pipe 35X Electron Microscope



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