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System Cleanliness Part 3

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SAE J 1227 Section 5.1 states the system and its components must be as clean as the most demanding component in the system. Using REDOX pipe that meets these cleanliness demands plus scale resistant welding gives you the opportunity to save tremendous upfront costs associated with flushing. Flushing times with REDOXpipe is measured in minutes not days or weeks.

The tapes below are courtesy of Sawyer System Engineering, Inc. located in Vancouver, WA. There was 1000' of 3" SCH XXS REDOX built into seven different spools. Each of these spools were subjected to cutting, bending, welding and other fabrication processes. The overall contaminant level after fabrication remained low do to good handling practices and the use of REDOX pipe which meets SAE J 1227 Section 5.1. Total cumulative time necessary to flush all spools was 89 minutes. Please note that the highlighted starting ISO number on the tapes below. Even though ISO numbers are after all fabrication operations are complete, they are still 1000 times cleaner than the average pickled pipe before fabrication.

Tape #1

Tape #2


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