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A106 Grade C Pipe
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Article #6

A106 Grade C Pipe
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The ability of A106 Grade C to operate at greater pressure also allows for greater flow, lowered operating temperature and a reduction in installation costs.

GREATER PRESSURE capability is partly due the higher yield and tensile strengths found in Grade C. Article 4 gives the formula for calculating these pressures. Generally you can figure a 14% increase in safe working pressure with Grade C vs. Grade B. The Tech Sheet (Proper Pipe Sizing) gives exact pressures for both Grades B and C.

GREATER FLOW is made possible by not having to always go to the next heavier schedule of pipe for pressure that is beyond what Grade B is rated for.

LOWERED OPERATING TEMPERATURES are possible because the feet per second flow characteristics using a lighter schedule of pipe will generate less heat.

INSTALLATION COSTS that cover materials and labor will be significantly reduced when using A106 Grade C.

MATERIAL COSTS such as pipe and fitting will be reduced by not having to go the next larger size and schedule to accommodate for higher pressure or to compensate for the 8% down rating that must be done if you are bending the pipe.

LABOR COSTS will be reduced due to the ease of handling lighter pipe. Example: To achieve comparable flow and pressure characteristics as 1.5" SCH 80 A106 Grade C (75# total weight) would require a 2" SCH 160 A106 B (150# total weight). Additionally, there will be significant labor savings in welding the smaller pipe.

The unique chemical requirements (ASTM A106 Table 1) that the mill introduces during the melt is what makes Grade C have its higher tensile and yield. While many Grade B pipes appear to be Grade C equivalent, most are not. This is do to their chemical properties not conforming to Grade C. For that reason it is best to ask for the Material Test Report from the mill with the Grade C certification affixed for your assurance of getting A106 Grade C material.

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