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The purpose of using standards on all drawings prints and purchase orders is two-fold. Primarily, industry-recognized standards from organizations such as A.S.T.M., I.S.O., and S.A.E. provide clear and concise specifications, ensuring that your system is built to satisfy your design requirements. ASTM D 4174 provides a wealth of information that is applicable to every aspect from design to preventative maintenance. It is an excellent foundation to which other relevant standards can be added.

Second, standards are insurance against loss of credibility in a potential legal confrontation if your system in not built as specified. They are legal boilerplate.

REDOX meets or exceeds all hydraulic industry standards for pipe. Using the standards below will insure that the pipe meet the needs of the components they connect.

The callout for REDOX products, that should appear on all prints, drawings, and purchase orders, should read as follows:

  • All pipe shall be machine cleaned and plugged in accordance with ASTM D4174 Section and
  • Internal contamination shall not exceed an I.S.O. rating of 14/12 using testing procedures specified in S.A.E J 1227 Section 2.4.1.
  • Supplier must demonstrate the capability and the results that demonstrate that the above requirements have been met.


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